Cangelosi Baseball College Development Camp

  • Illinois
Jan 10, 2014 - Jan 10, 2014

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

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Img Lee

“As a young pitcher,”

Reviewed 2 years ago
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As a young pitcher, this was my first college showcase, so I wasn't really sure how a showcase works, but I did learn some things regarding them. To begin, the camp was only one hour per Saturday (for two Saturdays) for a pitching segment, and two for a positional player (for two Saturdays). The payment for a pitcher-only is $150.00. Other camps that I'm aware of charge only $100.00 for an all-day event with interaction with the coaches. Thus, in the time given, I was only able to show my talent, and abilities to the scouts, rather than being able to talk with a scout one on one for them to get to know me personally. However, I do believe that the camp is a good way for young baseball players to be exposed to colleges as a starting point for future reference. As an example, I myself received e-mails from more than ten different major universities, notifying me that I was now a prospect for their college. Furthermore, some of the universities include: Central Michigan, University of Maryland, Illinois State, Northern Illinois, Eastern Illinois, Western Michigan, Creighton University, Wheaton College, Butler University, and University of Toledo. All in all, this camp is a bit over-priced for the time spent, but is a terrific opportunity to be exposed to major universities to ensure a good future as a baseball player.