Headfirst Honor Roll

  • New York
Aug 02, 2013 - Aug 02, 2013

7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

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“Good baseball player”

Reviewed 2 years ago
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If you are a good baseball player and a really good student with very solid SAT/ACT scores, Headfirst Honor Roll camps are for you. Extremely well organized, and you WILL get noticed, you WILL have access to coaches, you WILL get call backs and emails. Not cheap by any means, but well worth the investment. My son attended one of the sessions in 2013 at Baseball Heaven in Long Island, NY. There are also Headfirst camps in California and Florida. He did fairly well and was contacted by 10+ schools. The guys who run these showcases are top notch. One played at Stanford, the other at Duke. He has attended other showcase type events and they were a complete and total waste of money. Bottom line - highest recommendation possible to Headfirst.