Midwest Showcase

  • Illinois
Jun 20, 2010 - Jun 20, 2010

7:15 PM - 8:15 PM

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“This was the only showcase”

Reviewed 2 years ago
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This was the only showcase I ever attendant and my last. The price was high and the quality of instruction was below my expectations. The sight said that there would be 15 plus div 3 schools there but my son and I only counted 6. One of the instructors told my then 16 year old son that in order to make a div 3 team you have to at least throw the ball between 92-95 MPH which to me is above MLB standard. When parents sign up for these events they just want a fare shot and most of these things just want to rip you off. This sight is a good idea to weed out the unjust. Thanks